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Clubs were groups in PlayStation Home for users to create and join based on their interests. Users were able to purchase clubhouses to meet in and exchange ideas. Clubhouses shared many of the same basic rules as personal apartments, allowing open voice chat and use of the club owner's furniture.

  • Clubs in PlayStation Home can support a maximum of 32 members, including the leader.
  • One person may join a maximum of 5 clubs, but can only be the leader of one club at any given time.
  • Leadership of a club counts towards the maximum of five clubs, so if you are a leader you may only be in four other clubs besides your own.
  • Anyone can start a club. Starting a club requires the purchase of a clubhouse for $4.99 USD. There will be monthly fees associated with owning a club, the price is yet to be determined, but it will begin no sooner than March 1, 2009.
  • Unlike personal apartment spaces that only exists on the server when the owner is on, clubhouses are persistent and can be accessed by its club members at any time.
  • Voice chat is enabled in clubs, for use with a headset.


The original clubhouse

Clubhouses were spaces in PlayStation Home that were used by players to organize large or small groups of people at a central location. Clubhouses were owned by a club leader and could support up to 32 members at any given time. It was not a public space, nor was a private space since any member of the club could walk in at any time, regardless of who was present.

Though clubhouses costed US$4.99, they came completely empty with the exception of very basic decorations, and were very bare otherwise. Clubhouses could be furnished much like any personal space, and had the same limit of one hundred standard items.

In order to gain access to a clubhouse, the club leader, or one of the sub-leaders had to send other players an invite which would grant them admission into the club itself. During membership, a member could access the clubhouse at any time, but could not change any of the furnishings, as this could only be done by the club owner. A player could only be a member of five clubs at any given time (including any clubs they may own), and could only own one club at a time.

Types of clubhouses

The Desert Haven clubhouse

Until December 2011, the only available clubhouse was the basic clubhouse, as seen above. The first new clubhouse in three years was the Desert Haven clubhouse. The variety of clubhouses was ever growing, and new clubhouses were also released with alternate versions of the same spaces as personal spaces.

The clubhouses available included:

  • The Basic clubhouse
  • The Desert Haven
  • The War Room
  • The Hidden Oak Retreat
  • The Moon Forest
  • The Plum Tree Pavillion
  • The Hillside