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Furniture from MyDeco

Furniture in Playstation Home was used to decorate and improve personal spaces and clubhouses.

Several companies including Lockwood Publishing, Loot, and Sony all make furniture that is added to the store with each update, improving the selection and offering players the optimum ability for customization in personal spaces and clubhouses.


Furniture may be won as rewards or purchased at one of the many stores. Prices vary based on the type of object, its ability to interact with the player or environment, and the amount of time that went into making it. Smaller objects and ornaments will often range from US$0.25 to US$0.99, while larger objects and active items can range from as low as US$0.99 to as high as US$3.99.


A trophy area created in a personal space

Furniture varies widely in its appearance, as well as its uses. Players can create many different kinds of stages, room dividers, dance floors, and galleries with their different awards and purchased content.

Types of furniture

Chairs and couches

The tombstone chair, a popular chair

Chairs and couches are some of the most interactive furniture items, that allow players to sit without having to be on the ground. They are often used with tables and other furniture to create customized rooms for different purposes.

When sitting in a chair, there are three positions in which an avatar may recline:

  • A standard chair will cause an avatar to sit upright, and lean slightly forward.
  • A bigger, deeper chait will usually cause an avatar to lean slightly back, and place their leg upon their opposite leg.
  • A chair that is leaning backward, or has a backrest that is not straight will often cause an avatar to perform the same effect as the previous seat, but in a reclined position and sittign deeply in the chair.

Chairs are also a common tool in many glitches in the furniture placement tool, and allow players to bring their avatar into places they might not be able to normally reach when they are placed outside normal barriers. This allows players to create rooms that are isolated, but can be acessed by using a chair to enter them.


A Gothic table

Tables are items that can be decorative and practical. A table can have items be stacked upon it, and often be used as a barrier to divide rooms or create a specific furniture pattern. They are largely decorative and in almost all cases do not serve any actual purpose as far as the item itself. Most will often range from around $0.99 to $1.49.

Popular tables among many clubs include the Christmas table, for its large and long design, the white marble bar for its unique shape, and Paris Modern tables.

Storage objects


An ottoman found in the cube category

Cubes are items that can be used as seats, but are more often used as foot rests for an avatar. Often players will stack cube items to form staircases or other platforms. Furniture found in the cube category is often very useful in creating various platforms and other stages used to mount other objetcs due to their unique shape that cannot be easily found in other forms of furniture, with the exception of tables.



Flooring can used as a decoration, such as the wampa skin rug. As the name suggests, it is made from the skin of a wampa from Star Wars.


An ornament is an item that you may place simply for decoration and design. They have no function (except when an item, such as a chair, is incorrectly classified as an ornament).

Active items

An active item is an item that, when placed in a private space, has some sort of interactive functionality. Examples include:

  • Pool table – Allowed the player to play a game of pool.
  • Music box – Played music once turned on.
  • Pet dog – A dog would run around inside of an enclosure.
  • The Playground boombox – Played the tracks from The Playground public space. It was a common item used for parties and other social events.

While most items that have interaction capability are active items, there are exceptions, such as lights and picture frames which are not active items even though the player may turn them on and off/change the picture in the frame.

It is important to note which items are active items because there is a limit on how many may be placed. Usually, the limit is two active items (with a 40-item limit total).

Wall hangings

A steam-punk clock, a typical wall hanging

A wall hanging is an object that can be used in a personal space, but not a clubhouse as is the case with most other furniture objects.

These are ususally forms of furniture which serve no purpose other than decoration, however with the addition of picture frames, users are able to display any picture on their hard drive, furthering the ability to fully individualize a personal space. 

Some of the more practical wall hangings are clocks, whcih will take the time display from the system clock and display it on the wall hanging clock, giving other players an idea of the time frame and location you live in.