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Monster Hunter 2 is a PlayStation 2 game made by Capcom, and the sequel to Monster Hunter and Monster Hunter G. The 2 in the title is pronounced dos, Spanish for "two".


According to IGN, MH2 is a full-blown sequel to the creature hunting game (after the expansion pack, Monster Hunter G), this new title includes a number of new gameplay systems. Monster Hunter 2 focuses more closely on giving players the feeling of living the life of a hunter. Time will now flow in the game, with appropriate changes to the fields of play and the enemies that populate them. You'll also get a better sense of being part of a town, with improved online and offline play concepts and design. All modes will benefit from new weapons, new fields of play, and new monsters. When playing online, you'll have the feeling of being in the same world as everyone who's currently logged into the game. There is also cross-connectivity with the PSP version of the game." Players from last years game also have the ability to import their characters into Monster Hunter 2. Monster Hunter 2 was never released outside of Japan, just like Monster Hunter G. Besides Monster Hunter 2, there exists Monster Hunter Portable 2 (Monster Hunter Freedom 2), which is the representation of Monster Hunter 2, yet not to 100%, on the PSP system. But still, the "PSP version" of this game doesn't include the monster "Yamatsukami", also described as "Octopus".

Along with the various species of monsters returning from the first Monster Hunter, Monster Hunter 2 contains many new monsters, such as the metallic wind dragon Kushala Daora, the lion-headed dragon Teostra and his female counterpart Lunastra, the primates Congalala and Blangonga, and the chameleon-like dragon Chameleos, just to name a few. Also a bull-like monster, called Rajang. With new monsters also comes the prospect of new weapons and new armor.

This time you can also add gems to your weapon and your armor, to improve your skills, it makes the game easier to play and it's easier to beat the monsters in the game, even if it's not that necessary to use Gems but it does still help a little. This way you can also get your own and individual weapon or piece of armor.

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