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PlayStation 3 is the third system in the PlayStation home console line. It is the second home console to use the XrossMediaBar system software, and was released to the public on November 11, 2006 in Japan, November 17, 2006 in North America and March 23, 2007 in Europe and Australia. It is the first PlayStation console to have a wireless controller as a default controller. The original release would colloquially be called the "Fat" model in order to distinguish it from future revisions, which are officially dubbed the Slim and Super Slim due to significant decreases to the console's mass.


The PlayStation 3 is the first console to use Blu-Ray Discs for its media. Older models of the PlayStation 3 were backwards compatible with PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 games, however, this feature was removed from some of the console's later revisions. 20 GB models that have a model number beginning with CECHB and 60 GB models with a model number beginning with CECHA have native backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 2 library. 80 GB models with a model number beginning with CECHE on the other hand are only compatible with the PlayStation 2 library through emulation. Despite these restrictions, all models of PlayStation 3 are fully compatible with the PlayStation 1 library.

With some early versions of the PlayStation 3 console, user-made Homebrew software could be installed at the user's discretion, and also allowed for easy installation of Linux operating systems through the XMB menu. Despite these customizability features being relatively popular, Sony removed the capability from the initial release of the Slim model onwards, and in 2010, released an update that would disable the feature on original models as well.


The PlayStation 3 Slim revision was released in most countries by September of 2009 and replaced the previous typeface seen on the previous "Fat" model, evoking the older typeface the PlayStation 2 had. It is a smaller and thinner version of the PlayStation 3 with decreased power consumption and a quieter cooling system.

Super Slim[]

The newest PS3 model, the PS3 Super Slim is a very thin version of the PS3. It is the only version of the PS3 to have a slide feature to allow discs to be put in.



  • The PlayStation 3 is Sony's only home console to sell less than 100 million units as well as the PS5.