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PlayStation Home was a free social networking service for the PlayStation 3. It was shutdown worldwide on 1 April 2015.


PlayStation Home was a social gaming platform, which required an active internet connection. The player created an avatar that could be customized with different pieces of clothing, and could also purchase personal spaces to decorate. Players could socialize, game launch into PS3 titles, play Home games, watch videos, and much more.

Due to various connection issues, hacking, and lack of support by Sony it was discontinued in 2015. PlayStation Home had 41 million users at the time of the shutdown.


There were four distinct regions for which PlayStation Home was designed. Each region ran on separate servers. While some elements existed in all regions, none were identical to one another and each featured exclusives.

The four regions were:

  • Asia (SCE Asia)
  • Europe / PAL region (SCEE)
  • Japan (SCEI)
  • North America (SCEA)

When playing PlayStation Home, the region selected when joining the PlayStation Network decided which region's servers would be connected to. It was possible to access a different region's PlayStation Home using alternate PSN accounts. However, the servers for each region were optimized for the region and, therefore, attempting to play in another region could result in a distinct lag.


A reward, or an unlockable, was a free item that was won by performing a specific action in PlayStation Home. Many rewards required the user to accomplish a task, such as winning a mini-game, while others were given simply for visiting a location or selecting a rewardable object. In a few cases, spaces had a currency that could be collected and traded for rewards. Later, devices had been implemented to allow users to gift rewards to one another.