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PlayStation Store (PS Store) is the online marketplace for digital copies of PlayStation games, as well as other digital items such as avatars, console themes and downloadable content. It was launched with the PlayStation 3 on 11 November 2006.

Redeem codes

A redeem code, also known as a voucher code, is a twelve character code for use on the PS Store. Once redeemed, the code will unlock a specific item on the user's account. Items include pre-paid credit, games, downloadable content, and previously, items for use in PlayStation Home. Codes can be obtained by the purchase of physical PSN gift cards where the removal a foil strip reveals the code, or from third-party digital retailers where the code is usually emailed to the user or can be found on their account. They can also often be found within the case of physical games, perhaps as a pre-order or deluxe edition bonus.

There are many ways to redeem a code, from visiting the PlayStation website on any internet browser, from the PlayStation App, or from any PlayStation console that is connected to PSN.