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Software lines are marketing labels used by Sony Interactive Entertainment to group PlayStation games by a certain criteria, e.g. popular games that have sold particularly well.



PlayStation PS2 Icon.svg PSP Icon.svg PS3 Icon.svg PS Vita Icon.svg PS4 Icon.svg
North America
Best-selling Greatest Hits PlayStation Hits
Budget Favorites
Compilations Collectors' Edition Dual Pack PlayStation Collection
PAL region
Best-selling Platinum Essentials PlayStation Hits
Budget Value Series Essentials
Compilations 2 Games Platinum Double / Quattro Pack
Remasters Classics HD
Best-selling PlayStation the Best Best Hits PlayStation Hits
Budget PS one Books Value Selection
Classics Game Archives
Family The Best for Family
Best-selling PlayStation the Best Greatest Hits PlayStation Hits
BigHit Series (South Korea)
Budget Ultra POP
Compilations Dual / Triple Pack Dual / Triple Pack
South America
Best-selling Favoritos PlayStation Hits
Download codes Digitales
Classics PS one Classics
PS2 Classics PS2 Games for PS4
Mini games minis
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