Star Wars: Demolition is a vehicular combat game set in the Star Wars universe created by both Luxoflux and LucasArts using the Vigilante 8 game engine. Its premise is that the Galactic Empire declares they've officially banned Jabba the Hutt's podraces. Jabba creates a more life-threatening vehicular combat contest to replace the sport of podracing. The game was released on both the Sony PlayStation and the Sega Dreamcast; PlayStation on November 12, 2000 and Dreamcast on November 19, 2000.

The game received mixed reviews upon release, with aggregate website GameRankings holding an average score of 57.75% for the PlayStation and 65.62% for the Dreamcast. Metacritic reports similar scores: 63/100 for the PlayStation and 67/100 for the Dreamcast. Critics felt that while the game was fun in short bursts it lost its appeal with extended gameplay. Subsequent retrospective reviews and major media replays found the game lackluster. Critical commentary pointed to poor controls and boring gameplay.

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