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| web  = 
| w    = 
| f    =  |wikiname =  |pagename = 
| moby = 
| faqs = 


  • web – for a link to an official website. Use a direct URL address, e.g. "playstation.com".
  • w – for a link to a Wikipedia article. Use the title of the article, e.g. "PlayStation".
  • f – for a link to a Fandom wiki. Use the community's subdomain, e.g. "playstation", then after wikiname, use the title of the wiki, e.g. "PlayStation Wiki".
    • pagename – if the page title on the linked Fandom wiki is different from the one used here, you must also add the title from the linked Fandom wiki.
  • moby – for a link to MobyGames. Use the path of a MobyGames URL, e.g. "game/uncharted-drakes-fortune" or "company/naughty-dog-inc".
  • faqs – for a link to GameFAQs. Use the path of a MobyGames URL, e.g. "ps3/932984-uncharted-drakes-fortune" or "company/10629-naughty-dog".


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