The Mark of Kri Coverart

The Mark of Kri's North American cover art.

The Mark of Kri is a 2002 action-adventure game developed by SCE (Sony Computer Entertainment) San Diego Studios (it being the first game developed by this company) and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation 2.


The Mark of Kri follows Rau Utu, a great warrior. Trained by his mentor and adopted father, Baumusu, he was taught stealth and extraordinary skill with his sword. He was also taught to help those in need rather than act as a mercanary. The games begins with Rau being asked a favor by the village tavern keeper, he says that bandits are keeping business away and asks Rau to look into it. After Rau takes care of the bandits, news of his prowess as a warrior spreads far and wide. This leads to a mysterious man showing up in the tavern and offers Rau money for his services.

The forest is called Hiadoko. you were asked to take a piece of parchment from Sambu-usu's tomb. This parchment actually being one of the marks of Kri - human skin. Despite the uneasy feeling that Rau has about the man he accepts his offer. Rau returns home from his job to find that he's been taken advantage of by the mysterious man. The man was a member of the Ko-si, and evil organization devote in its efforts to rule the world. The money Rau received was counterfeit. He then is told by an elderly woman to head north to find a tree and eat its fruit. This tree informs him of the Mark of Kri and his destiny to protect a captured boy holding the fifth mark that the Dark One will soon have in his possession. This oracle tells him he will be among the gods and has a great destiny. She also tells him that the sixth mark - the last one - is well protected. He then travels to a heavily guarded temple to save the boy from being sacrificed.

Upon returning, he discovers that his village has been attacked and destroyed. His mentor and adopted father, Baumusu, tells him of his path in life and that Rau must find his sister who was taken during the attack on the village. HIs sister has the last mark of Kri. Upon completion of game she is saved and the Dark One gets an axe to the head after groveling to Rau's sword.


The art design and animation crew for this game was comprised of former Disney animators.