Thrill kill cover

Thrill Kill was a fighting game that was developed for the Playstation by Paradox Development. The original publisher was to be Virgin Interactive, but EA later acquired the company and canceled the game because they did not want to"publish such a senselessly violent game". The full game was later leaked onto the internet illegally.

Gameplay consisted of a closed 3D room where up to four opponents would fight to the death, and proceed to finish each other off with Thrill Kills, much like the fatalities of Mortal Kombat. Instead of the usual life bar, characters built up a kill meter. Once this meter was full, a player's character could activate a "Thrill Kill" move to brutally slay an opponent.

The game would have had twelve characters to play as.The content would have included revealing BDSM and fetishistic outfits, characters with amputated limbs and other handicaps and violent and sexual moves with names such as "Bitch Slap", "Swallow This", and "Head Muncher".

The engine was later used for the poorly received Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style and other games. Critics who have played Thrill Kill regard it poorly.