Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return, known as Tomba! The Wild Adventures in Japan and Tombi! 2 in the PAL region, is an adventure game for the PlayStation. It is the sequel to the 1997 game Tomba!.


After the previous game's adventure, Tomba is resting peacefully. However, his friend, Zippo, finds a mysterious letter addressed to him. The letter reads that Tabby, Tomba's childhood friend, has disappeared. Tomba then leaps into the sea to go find her.

Tomba and Zippo end up in a fisherman village and meet an old man named Kainen. They move onto the Coal-Mining Town, where Tabby lives. A member of the town, Gran, mentions that she saw Tabby go to the Kujara Ranch by trolley, however, the trolley returned empty. One of the trolley workers reveals that the Evil Pigs kidnapped Tabby.

Tomba learns from Gran that the Evil Pigs cursed the entire continent. She then gives Tomba one of the Pig Bags. As he travels through the continent, he collects the rest of the Pig Bags. When there is only one left, the leader of the Evil Pigs reveals himself and tempts Tomba into going to his lair.

In the lair, the last Evil Pig freezes time. The battle ends with Tomba capturing him but he swears to return. Tomba and Zippo rescue Tabby and they escape on the back of Baron, a flying dog. During a feast at Tabby's home, Kainen appears and gives Tomba a monkey suit. He is later allowed to pilot a boat to go home but he is involved in an accident on the way there.


The game received generally positive reviews.

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