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Trophies are PlayStation Network awards presented to players for completing specific tasks in a game. The feature is present in most PlayStation 3 games, and all PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 games.


The trophy system was launched with PlayStation 3 firmware update 2.40 on July 2, 2008; however, it was withdrawn later the same day due to a small number of users becoming unable to restart their consoles after performing the update.[1] The issue was addressed in version 2.41 of the system software released on July 8, 2008.

Platinum crown

The platinum's original design.

Originally, the platinum was shown as a pink crown. Although this design was seen in version 2.40, it ultimately went unused due to being replaced with the current platinum trophy in version 2.41, before any game with a platinum was released. Super Stardust HD was the first game to feature trophies after being patched to include 9 bronze, 6 silver and 2 gold, worth a total of 495 points (including 5 trophies tied to DLC).[2] The first game to release with trophies at launch was PixelJunk Eden, while Uncharted: Drake's Fortune became the first to feature a platinum, after being patched to include a full list of 48 trophies, worth 1,230 points.

Although originally an optional feature, Sony later announced it would become mandatory to include trophies in games submitted for certification after January 1, 2009. However, PS one Classics, and later PS2 Classics, released on PlayStation 3 were excluded from this requirement.

The system


Hidden trophyHidden Bronze trophyBronze15 Silver trophySilver30 Gold trophyGold90 Platinum trophyPlatinum180

There are four different grades of trophy awarded. A bronze, silver or gold trophy is dependent upon the difficulty of the accomplishment, with gold trophies being the most difficult. A platinum trophy is awarded to the player once they unlock all other trophies in the base game; smaller sized games, however, generally do not have a platinum trophy. Each of these four grades also reward the player with a corresponding number of points, contributing to the overall trophy level featured on their PSN profile.[3]

A fifth type of trophy is the hidden trophy. A hidden trophy may be any of the four grades but is, by default, kept secret from the player so that its value and description are not revealed until after they have obtained it. Developers may choose to do this due to potential spoilers or simply to create a surprise for the player. On a PlayStation 4 system with firmware update 4.00, all hidden details can be revealed by pressing ◻ when viewing a hidden trophy.


Common iconCommon Rare iconRare Very Rare iconVery Rare Ultra Rare iconUltra Rare

Trophies are also categorised by rarity, according to the percentage of people who have earned them. A trophy becomes more common as more people unlock it. Trophies that have not been earned by many players are ultra rare, while trophies unlocked by a lot of players are common.[3] This feature, however, is not available when viewing trophies on a PlayStation 3 system and is only shown on PlayStation Vita when viewing trophies in online mode.


Trophy Level iconTrophy Levelswith number of trophy points required
10 2200 3600 41,200 52,400 64,000 76,000
88,000 910,000 1012,000 1114,000 1216,000 13-1008,000 per level up

Along with earning trophies comes an RPG-style level system. As trophies are tier-based, obtaining a trophy of a higher grade contributes more to the player's level than one of a lower grade. Acquiring trophies gives the player more points in total and adds to a percentage bar featured on their PSN profile. Once a bar is completed, the trophy level increases. The required number of points, and therefore trophies, increases per level until level 13 where each subsequent level requires 8,000 more points.[3] Currently, the highest available to reach is level 100.

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